Master Your Money Shadow: 3 Steps to Create a More Integrious, Enjoyable & Successful Relationship with Money

⇒ Is something holding you back from making more money in your business or career?
⇒ Do you fear that in order to keep your integrity and remain socially responsible, you must sacrifice money?
⇒ Are you ready to outgrow & replace the false beliefs that have been holding you back from integrious financial wellbeing?

You now have a never-before-available opportunity to attend a practical training program that’s being provided by two accomplished trainers, coaches and authors, who have spent many years exploring & overcoming their own money shadows.

During this workshop you’ll:

  • Get discover the hidden roots of the programming that has been blocking your access to money, prosperity and joyful success
  • Start utilizing a powerful framework to step into a far more effective and integrity-centered relationship with money, prosperity & success, than ever before.

After having given Money Shadow workshops on their own for years, Dr. David Gruder and Rick Broniec have teamed up for the very first time to offer a powerful, transformational workshop for men, women and couples, on one of the most frustrating shadows most of us carry: the ones that sabotage our relationship with money. Rick is a Full Leader & Leader Trainer in the ManKind Project. David is a Ritual Elder in the ManKind Project.

During this experiential workshop, Rick & David will provide you with a framework, tactics, exercises, and tips to help you get free from money bondage and shift into romancing money into your life. They’ll wrap all of that around exposing their own deep dives into their money shadows, and the hard-earned discoveries they’ve made about money as a result. You’ll also receive a workbook that provides ways to continue to build on the breakthroughs you have during the workshop.


When: Saturday, June 17, 2017 from 9:00am to 4:00pm (with an hour break for lunch).

Where: The San Diego ManKind Project Lodge 4885 Ronson Ct. Suite D, San Diego, CA 92112.

Who: Anyone who is interested in exploring and getting free from their shadow beliefs about money. It’s especially designed for men and women connected with the ManKind Project, Woman Within, and HER.

Investment: $99.00 ($97.00 plus PayPal fee), with 10% of the proceeds after expenses being donated to support the San Diego ManKind Project Community Lodge (which is where this workshop will be held).

To Register: Click on the link below to pay via PayPal. (Button opens new window — payment will be to Rick Broniec, and this transaction will appear on your statement as “PayPal * RBRONIEC”.)

Want More Info on Our Society’s Insane Money Beliefs &/or on Personal “Shadow”?

  • Read this brief post about Dr. Gruder’s perspective on our society’s money issues here:
  • Watch the video below of Dr. Gruder being interviewed about “shadow” by Transformational Thought Leadership expert Hugh Ballou. Shadow is the part of us that unwittingly undermines our success by causing us to not know about, deny the impact of, or attempt to justify, self-defeating patterns that secretly sabotage us. This includes our money shadow. [To view the video, click on the “start” button in the middle it. Then, slide the progress bar all the way to the left to start the video at the beginning.]