Sequencing for Success: A Key Skill for Leaders, Executives, Managers, & Entrepreneurs

Dr. David Gruder Comments

What can happen if you use
the Spaghetti Strategy instead of
the SequExcellence™ Strategy.
Better to “Start With Sequencing.”

“Sequencing” is your most leveraged order for effectively implementing the most useful tasks to produce the results you seek with the least time, energy and money feasible. This also includes the order in which you onboard team members, and for what scope of work. Ineffective sequencing is virtually guaranteed to cost you and your enterprise huge amounts of time, stress, money, and profits.

  • Sequencing Excellence (I call it SequExcellence™) is knowing how to efficiently order the steps you need to take to ensure that your enterprise succeeds. This is MacroSequencing™.
  • SequExcellence™ is making sure you onboard the right team members (advisors, executives, implementers, visibility providers,  funders, etc.), at the most useful time in your enterprise’s development, and for the right scope of engagement at that time. This is Personnel Sequencing.
  • SequExcellence™ is setting up project management success (Project Implementation Sequencing) by identifying who will be completing which tasks, and making sure that each implementer knows:
    1. Who they will be receiving work from;
    2. Which tasks they will then be responsible for completing; and
    3. Who they will be handing off their work to… so each project unfolds as efficiently as possible.

Start With Sequencing:
Far better than the Spaghetti Strategy

As you can see, Sequencing Excellence is a foundational success skill for all enterprises: businesses, nonprofits, causes, and governance agencies. It’s — no kidding — a core skill that EVERY leader, executive, manager, and entrepreneur who truly cares about success needs to master.

There is no better time than now to uplevel SequExcellence™ in yourself and your team. Arrange for Dr. Gruder to provide the consulting, mentoring, or training to succeed.

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