Radio Interview – MacroMentoring™: Harnessing the Power of Big Picture Thinking

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“MacroMentoring™: Harnessing the Power of Big Picture Thinking”


Are you a visionary with the Next Big Idea but just can’t seem to get your venture off the ground? Whether you’re an entrepreneur, businessperson or nonprofit founder, you’ve got to be able to see the big picture before your venture can take flight. Without this big picture thinking, it’s easy to stumble into pitfalls and make errors in areas such as resource sequencing, vetting, work agreement and accountability – errors which can be difficult if not impossible to overcome. Join Paul LeJoy and his co-host Kim Reed as they talk with Dr. David Gruder about the common mistakes new entrepreneurs make and how MacroMentoring™ not only helps avoid these mistakes but also helps ensure your venture’s success.

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Psychologist and entrepreneur, Dr. David Gruder, PhD, has seen and heard it all throughout his career as a thought leader, integrity expert, Collaborative Culture Architect™, MacroMentor™, speaker, trainer, media guest, and multi-award-winning author. His third major print book, “Conversations With the King: Journals of a Young Apprentice,” co-authored with Elvis Presley’s stepbrother David Stanley, is scheduled for release as a major motion picture later this year. His entrepreneurial ventures include founding Integrity Revolution, LLC, and his position as Special Counsel to the Chairman & Board of CEO Space International, a business development organization helping members create sustainable profitability through integrity, collaboration, and social responsibility. For over thirty years, Dr. Gruder has provided keynotes, training programs, consulting, and mentoring worldwide. For more information, visit

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Wealth Solutions for the 99%

There are not many people in America today who don’t want to be wealthy. However, most lack the implementation know-how needed to make it happen. They may have a good idea. They may have a passion that they could turn into cash. But, the majority of Americans do not know how to turn a dream into a reality. They may go to seminars, read “how to” books, and search for advice. They only think about what they could do, would do, and should do, but never do it because they still don’t know how to make it happen. Paul LeJoy and Kim Reed will get you focused on execution, laying out the tools needed to create wealth and revealing how to implement them, starting now, right where you are today. If you are tired of hearing advice but never taking action, our show tells you how to take the next step and week-by-week you’ll see new, exciting progress! Listen for Wealth Solutions for the 99%, broadcasting live every Tuesday at 10 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel. Learn More » 

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