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Providing keynotes, training, consulting & mentoring to make happiness sustainable, collaboration productive, integrity profitable, & society healthy. Through his broad talents, integrative mind, unquenchable passion, huge heart, deep integrity, and naked authenticity, everything Dr. Gruder provides is geared to equip you to succeed in whatever your chosen spheres of influence might be.

Dr. David Gruder

Strategic Integrative Self-Development
Leader Effectiveness | Enterprise Success | Culture Architecture

You’ve Found Integrity Culture Systems™…

Across the 47 years since developing his first training program in 1972, Dr. David Gruder (President of Integrity Culture Systems™ has created programs on over 100 topics, has architected certification & train-the-trainer programs, and has delivered keynotes & training programs in 7 countries on 3 continents. His specialty is transforming your values into skills & procedures so you & those you lead can succeed by walking your talk.


The recipient of book awards in unusually diverse areas (politics, social change, business, leadership, health & wellness, mental health, psychology, and self-help), Radio-TV Interview Reports dubbed him America’s Integrity Expert in 2008. He has provided many hundreds of media interviews, including having been featured in Forbes 18 times. Why all the awards and exposure? Because Dr. Gruder excels at making complex concepts practical & turning good intentions into successful results.

These Resources Are For You If You Are…

    • Passionate about prosperously maximizing your positive influence in the world by Making Integrity Profitable™ or Elevating Your Leadership
    • Committed to becoming who you’ll need to be for your business, enterprise or cause to succeed
    • Devoted to thrival, not merely survival, and to succeeding without sacrificing your values, integrity, health, wellbeing, or cherished relationships
    • Seeking practical spiritually aligned next steps that you’ve yet found

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What People Say About Dr. Gruder

Gregory J. Nicosia, PhD, DCEP Former President, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Thank you so much for the high degree of excellence you bring to your ACEP presentations. Given another 20 years I might get to where you are, but I doubt it.

Gregory J. Nicosia, PhD, DCEP Former President, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Jude Gladstone-Cade Former Trainer for the Ken Blanchard Companies

“David’s personable and disarming style combine with his training design talents and impeccable materials to create powerful changes in thinking and behavior that result in more satisfying lives and career effectiveness.”

Jude Gladstone-Cade Former Trainer for the Ken Blanchard Companies

Alphacom Consultants & Event Planners Alberta, Canada

“Dr. Gruder’s programs are meticulously planned. He is a brilliant analyst and fine synthesizer of human experience. Planning an event with Dr. Gruder is a delight. Our participants gave Dr. Gruder outstanding evaluations.”

Alphacom Consultants & Event Planners Alberta, Canada

Carl Loop, Personal Growth Accelerator

“David Gruder is a genius, but more than one: he is 8-in-1. His breadth and depth on multiple subjects is unmatched:  leadership, culture, program design & development, integrity, systems & process improvements, wordsmithing, and more. He is an outstanding lens to amplify and accelerate the impact and difference you are out to make.”


– Carl Loop, Personal Growth Accelerator | CEO, Global Business Builders

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