Labeling People as a Form of Lack of Integrity

Telling the truth lives at the heart of integrity. When spin passes truth we are all in trouble. When truth is embellished (or omitted) to support a position, this demonstrates lack of integrity.

Why Do Candidates With High Integrity Fail in American Politics?

I just read a post on another blog asking the question, "What does it say about American politics when the people with the most integrity flop fantastically? "

A Self-Indulgence Surcharge

Continuing with my "government role-modeling theme" from my last posts, I believe that taxing actions that are out of integrity with collective highest good is worthy of serious consideration. I believe this would help send a message that making personal freedom more important than collective highest good is no more okay than doing the opposite. I suppose you could call this an "out-of-integrity tax."

Income Tax Versus Consumption Tax

The question of revamping the U.S. income tax code is one of the themes that has comes up in every presidential election for decades. We all know that the current income tax code is broken beyond all reason. One of the questions we need to collectively answer is whether to replace it with a more fair and more corruption-proof income tax or whether to replace it with a taxation approach based on consumption rather than income.

Bipartisan Solutions Are Great Except When They Model Being Out of Integrity

It might seem at first blush like great news that the bipartisan agreement reached on January 24 between President Bush and leaders from the House of Representatives about a $150 billion economic stimulus package. That is, until one looks with greater discernment at what the tax rebates ($600 for individual taxpayers, $1200 for couples and $300 for each child) represent in terms of integrity.

Moral Certainty Does Not Equal Integrity

Everyone intuitively already knows that our country is divided into three camps that are NOT defined by political party, no matter how much the dog fighting between liberals and conservatives is designed to divert us from this far bigger problem. Those three camps are:

What Seems Like Fact is Probably Spin

The Center for Public Integrity is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, non-advocacy, independent journalism organization whose purpose is to produce original investigative journalism about significant public issues to make institutional power more transparent and accountable.

Lack of Discernment Causes Lack of Integrity

Football great LaDanian Tomlinson’s knee injury kept him from playing for most of this past Sunday’s Chargers-Patriots NFL playoff football game. Everyone who follows NFL football knows that Tomlinson is one of the key players for the Chargers and that had he been healthy enough to play (even at less than 100%) it would have been much more likely that the San Diego Chargers could have defeated the New England Patriots. What many people do not know is the lack of integrity that surrounds this story.

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