Obama Mentions an Office of Public Integrity in Last Night's Democratic Presidential Debate

In the Obama-Clinton debate last night, Senator Obama mentioned having supported a Senate bill to create a non-partisan Office of Public Integrity. While it saddens me that such a need even exists in government, it clearly does.

But, what particularly interests me is what Obama did not say, which was that this bill that he supported was sponsored by his Republican rival for president, Senator John McCain.

The War Against Integrity: Bigger Than the War Against Terrorism

On Monday, following some extremely embarrassing made by a speaker at an event for John McCain, his Communications Director, Jill Hazelbaker, released the following statement:

Sign the Integrity Pledge

Here is a concrete way that you can help usher in a new era of personal, relationship and leadership integrity: sign the Integrity Pledge. Who can sign this Integrity Pledge? Absolutely anyone and hopefully everyone! Please read the pledge below and then click on the link beneath it to ‘sign’ your Pledge.

Marketing Political Integrity Versus Actually Having Integrity

A story appeared today on Voice of America that shows how the issue of integrity has become so crucial today that U.S. presidential candidates are now using commercial marketing tactics in their campaigns to deliberately position themselves as being the candidate with the most integrity. Consider the following excerpt (I added the bold for emphasis):

Non-profit Journalism a Promising New Trend Toward Helping Integrity Make a Comeback

As is so often the case, innovation comes from the next generation arriving in early adulthood. We’ve certainly seen this in the computer and internet industries, with teenagers sometimes even leading the way. The next generation’s increasing emphasis on the Impact core drive I write about in The New IQ, along with our two other core drives for authenticity and connection), has resulted in the wiki movement on the internet (free information sharing, open source software, etc.)

The Politician Integrity Rating Tool (PIRT) Has Launched!

How Much Integrity Does Each U.S. Presidential Candidate REALLY Have?
At Last There is a Way to Truly Evaluate Politician Integrity!

I am delighted to announce the launch of my Politician Integrity Rating Tool (PIRT).

Almost all politicians claim to have integrity, ethics and positive character. They get away with this because most people don’t know how to evaluate these traits.

Global Incident Map Tracks Dramatic Forms of Lack of Integrity

The Global Incident Map website shows many of the more dramatic forms of lack of integrity that are occuring in every moment, in country in the entire world. These include terrorism threats, explosions, airline incidents, and more. This site depicts how intertwined we are as a planet and how lack of integrity is a worldwide problem that isn’t limited to any one country or culture.

Immigration: Where Do the Facts End and the Spin Begins?

As virtually anyone in the United States knows today, the issue of what to do about the immigration flood has become bitter and divisive. The YouTube video below does, in my estimation, a good job of separating facts from spin regarding many of the key aspects of this issue.

Should electoral votes be allotted based on majority winner in each state or based on the percent of votes per state?

I appreciate the opportunity to respond to this question. My hunch is that primaries are set up this way because the DNC and RNC think this delegate selection method makes it easier for their presidential nomination conventions to go the way the want them to. If my speculation is accurate, this would be an example of making organizational convenience more important than collective highest good. This approach seems out of integrity with the principles of participatory democracy.

SuperDuperTuesday Provides Hints That Americans are Shifting Toward Insisting on Integrity

I believe that one of the biggest reasons that both Obama and Huckabee did far better on SuperDuperTuesday than anyone thought they would even as little as two weeks ago is that both these folks are seen as being capable of bringing a far greater level of integrity to the presidency than there has been in many years.