Integrity Disgrace Award — Senator Hillary Clinton

Integrity Disgrace Award

Integrity Disgrace Award — San Diego City Council

April 17, 2008, San Diego, California: The San Diego city council turned something into an integrity issue that in and of itself shouldn’t be. They voted to raise their own salaries by 24% to $93,485 (and the mayor’s salary by 28%). Council President Scott Peterson stated that the intention was to attract a higher caliber of candidates to run for city council. On balance, I don’t take issue with this intention.

Integrity Deficits in Opposing Judgeship Candidates Exposed in Court

April, 2008, San Diego, California: There is an open judicial seat on the San Diego Superior Court. Two of the candidates for that seat brought one another to court over what each wrote in his official candidate statement. They are Robert Faigin, the chief lawyer for the San Diego County Sheriff ,and Evan Kirvin, a San Diego deputy district attorney.

Read it and wretch — the judge they appeared before, Jay Bloom, ruled that:

Lack of Integrity and the Collapse of the "Economic Growth" Myth

April 14, 2008: Home financing and credit have been tightening in response to the crisis that began with the massive lack of integrity in the subprime mortgage market that led to the creation and collapse of the housing bubble in the United States. This is now mutating into a contagious economic slowdown that is spreading around the globe, with property analysts are now predicting that some countries will face an even more wrenching adjustment than that of the United States, including the possibility that the downturn could become a wholesale collapse.

The Dumbing Down of Americans Continues

Barack Obama’s latest remarks are being turned into more ammunition to keep dumbing down the American public.

Integrity Inspiration Award: Eli Estrada's Everyday Stewardship

Eli EstradaApril 10, 2008: As a youth, Eli Estrada was in trouble, nearly homeless and extremely desperate. Last month, at 40, as he and his business partner were in the midst of working hard to keep their fledgling landscaping and artificial grass business going, Estrada found $140,000 cash laying in the street, all of it in unmarked untraceable $20 bills.

And Now for Some Political Humor from Scott Kalechstein

Speaking of politics, my friend Scott Kalechstein, who is a particularly talented satirist, has posted three hilarious videos on YouTube.

The second half of the video below is about Eliot Spitzer, the now-former governor of New York who resigned due to being discovered over his profound lack of integrity. I talked about the Spitzer incident in a more serious way in a few of my previous posts. Scott reminds me, and hopefully us all, that there is a time to be serious and there is a time to remember that it’s all much too serious to be serious about.

Is McCain Becoming Wishy Washy or Demonstrating Teachabilty?

U.S. Presidential candidate, Senator John McCain, appeared to flip-flop today (April 10, 2008) in his position on what to do about the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

In March 2008 McCain said that “it is not the duty of government to bail out and reward those who act irresponsibly, whether they are big banks or small borrowers,” noting there had been “rampant speculation” by both lenders and borrowers that had caused them to act irresponsibly.

Dr. Gruder Featured on the Front Page of the Features Section in Pittsburgh's Post-Gazette Newspaper

The following excellent article by Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) Post-Gazette reporter LA Johnson appeared on the front page of that major newspaper’s Features section in the  on April 8, 2008. This is great timing since it was printed only a couple of weeks before the Pennsylvania Presidential Primary.

A Tale of the Disappearing Copies of "The New IQ" (aka Steal This Book!)

I just received the following humorous and heartwarming story about The New IQ: "I left a copy of The New IQ book in the waiting area where I work and the book disappeared — all of the other books in the waiting area were still there.  So, I put out another copy of your book there.  It, too, disappeared.  The third copy disappeared as well…  The next time, I put a note on it indicating that the book is available online and through bookstores, and all four copi