Forwarding Political Lies Masquerading as Truth is Unpatriotic

Versions of the e-mail contained in the question below are being forwarded around the internet like wildfire. In fact, I have received it twice over the past week.

Pieces like this, whether they smear the political right, the political left, or anywhere in between, are examples of a shameful lack of integrity that is also profoundly unpatriotic. Great republics — or great democracies — however you want to word this — rely on honest debate based on actual facts.

The Best Road to Energy Independence

Al Gore just gave a major speech on energy independence. Before addressing his speech, I  first want to frame his speech in broader terms.

Integrity Deficit Award: U.S. Military Trainers Legitimize Moral Relativism

According to The New York Times on July 2, 2008, military trainers who went to Guantanamo Bay to train personnel in interrogation tactics taught their entire class around Chinese communist tactics from the 1950s that were denounced as torture and were determined to have produced false confessions from American service men.