How Henry Paulson is Feeding the Problem Not Solving It

Here’s the hidden reason people are distressed about the economy… and what to do about it!

On Tuesday November 25, 2008, the U.S. government introduced a pair of new programs to provide $800 billion dollars in continuing efforts to help jump-start the economy. The purpose of this funding allocation was to unfreeze the market for consumer debt. Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson called doing this vital to supporting the economy.

Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT – for War Veterans with PTSD

If you have been suffering from war-related trauma (or any other kind of trauma), if you know someone who is, or if you assist people who are, you need to know about Energy Psychology methods. Perhaps the most well-known of these methods is called Emotional Freedom Techniques®.

Validation – a Delicious Form of Everyday Stewardship

VALIDATION is a heart-warming 16 minute story of a parking attendant who gives his customers REAL validation while dispensing free parking. This movie about the healing power of validation provides an inspiring portrait of a particularly powerful way of making a difference as an Everyday Steward, as I call it in my three-award-winning integrity book, The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World.

Press Release: Integrity Education Book Wins Rare Awards Combination in Social Change, Health & Wellness and Self-Help

Here’s the link to the original version of this press release:

Health Care System Has Severe Integrity Deficits

President-Elect Obama repeatedly spoke during his campaign about the importance of providing health insurance for all Americans. But, before Congress and the Obama adminstration tackle the question of how to best make health insurance available to all Americans, they must first muster the courage to deal with a far deeper issue: the root cause problem that has caused health care costs (and therefore health insurance premiums) to spiral out of control.

For the Media: Four Social Change Challenges That Threaten to Sabotage an Obama Presidency

MEDIA BULLETIN: If you are a member of the broadcast, print or internet media, now is your chance to interview Dr. Gruder about the four social change challenges that threaten to sabotage an Obama presidency. Here is a brief profile…

Three Steps to Becoming a Freesponsible Citizen

No matter who you wanted to become the next President of the United States, no matter where you’re from, and no matter what your station in life may be, your voice is more important today than perhaps ever before. Too much is at stake for any of us, regardless of political orientation, to remain silent, uninformed or uninvolved.

What Does Obama's Selection of Rahm Emanuel Signal?

When I first learned that Rahm Emanuel had accepted President-Elect Obama’s invitation to become his chief of staff I was concerned. "Rahmbo," as he has been called, is a pit bull whose confrontive hardball style is the opposite of Obama’s more measured, stately and inspiration-oriented style. On top of that, he is a veteran of the Clinton adminstration and I didn’t think that Obama had beaten Hillary Clinton in the primaries so he could install another Clinton adminstration.

For Those With Lingering Fears About Obama as President

Because my integrity material and my transpartisan politics material tends to appeal across the political spectrum, I am not at all surprised to have received some concerned e-mails today from people who remain worried about an Obama presidency, in addition to those who are delighted he was elected.

The two main fears have been expressed to me thus far include:

To My Friends Outside the US

If you are among the many people outside the United States that I have talked with when I have come to your country to give lectures and workshops, you already know the passion I have always felt about the essential good-heartedness of the American people as a whole.