Dr Gruder Trains in Edmonton Canada from February 26-28 2009

Dr. David Gruder, a multiple-award-winning author and clinical-organizational psychologist from San Diego, California, has been invited to give five presentations in the Edmonton Canada area between February 26 and 28, 2009.

A Nutritional Supplement to Know About

Today’s IntegriTip Bulletin focuses on an aspect of self-integrity called self-care. More specifically, I want to let you know about a widely available but not-yet-well-known nutritional supplement that is showing some powerful promise in helping us age with vibrant health.

Here’s what you will discover in this IntegriTip Bulletin:

The New IQ Finalist for Its Fourth Book Award, This Time in Current Events (Politics and Society)

Dr. Gruder’s Three-Award-Winning Integrity Education Book, The New IQ, Receives New Honor as a ReaderViews.com 2008 Literary Awards Finalist in Current Events (Politics/Society)

President Barack Obama's Address Honoring President Abraham Lincoln's 200th Birthday

No matter what your political or economic orientation, or what country you come from, I strongly suggest that you watch or read the following speech by President Obama. In it, he eloquently and succinctly summarizes his vision of the legacy he intends to leave as president. In my opinion the time has come for reasonable people of good will across the entire philosophical spectrum to come together to spiritedly brainstorm, debate, and ultimately synergize, over the specifics of how to bring about this vision.

A Societal Integrity Quiz

In light of the latest developments in the steroid scandal rocking Major League Baseball in the United States, here is a societal integrity quiz for you to take. Read the following statistics and decide which professional sports league they are from…

Is It MLB? The NBA? The NFL?