A Simple Definition of Fanaticism

"A fanatic is someone who considers whether a fact or perspective is acceptable to his ideology BEFORE exploring it. A teachable person explores FIRST and then considers a fact’s accuracy or a perspective’s usefulness."
~~ David Gruder, paraphrasing from Tribes by Seth Godin

Dan Janal Declares "The New IQ" Cool Book of the Day

Dan Janal honored The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World with as his "Cool Book of the Day" for May 7, 2009.

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Guess the Source of These Statements About Character

I invite you to read the following and guess the source of this statement about character and integrity. You’ll find a link to the source at the end. (Small edits and deletions have been made in order to not give away the source.)

Stand By Me

Have you ever seen and heard a piece of music being performed all over the world at the same time? This remarkable heart-lifting video is from an award-winning documentary entitled, "Playing for Change: Peace Through Music." Musicians from around the world were synchronized in playing the song "Stand By Me" at the same time. If this isn’t a powerful demonstration of how inextricably interconnected our world has become on an everyday level, I don’t know what is…