Internet Scams You Need to Know About – on Integrity Talk Radio Today

Internet Scam Alerts & Integrity Issues in the News

Chris Malta of eBay Radio fame joins us on today’s Integrity Talk Radio show. We’ll talk with him live from St. Cloud, Minnesota on his "Scambuster Road Trip" around the USA, about internet business scams you really need to know about, and how to avoid losing thousands of dollars on them. Plus we’ll be covering other integrity issues in the news, as we do each week.

Ode to Woodstock From Someone Who Attended

When most people think about Woodstock, what comes to mind is "sex, drugs and rock & roll." Look beneath the surface and the real meaning of Woodstock emerges. "Sex, drugs, and rock & roll" was merely a symbol of something quite remarkable that was occurring during the 1960s in general and at Woodstock in specific, that is as profound today as it was back then. This IntegrityWatch blog post unlocks Woodstock’s lost messages about integrity! (You can also listen at the end of this article to Dr. Gruder being interviewed on the radio about Woodstock.

Fear is Part of Your Progress

When you start taking small steps and begin making progress towards being more personally effective, remember fear is part of your progress and you will not want to allow it to get in your way. The first step is awareness, begin to recognize when you are feeling fear. What are the negative thoughts that roll over in your head? Being aware of these feelings can help you identify what you are responding to with fear.

What They Don't Want You to Know About Health Insurance

Would you like to know what those who are opposed to a single-payer healthcare system, AND those who only want government-run health insurance, DON’T want you to know? If so, this post is for you.

Huge Gap Between What Scientists Believe and What the Public Thinks They Believe

This week (mid-July, 2009) the Pew Research Center, an independent, non-partisan public opinion research organization that studies attitudes toward politics, the press and public policy issues, released the results of a particularly revealing survey having to do with global warming.

Three Tips for Making a Difference in Healthcare Reform

  1. Become the Change You Want to See: There is a lot more to healthcare than being covered by health insurance when you become ill. Complete healthcare plans include four components: 1) Illness Prevention; 2) Health Optimization; 3) Illness Management; and 4) Health Restoration. Most people’s health insurance covers illness management although better policies also cover health restoration.

The Great Lies Fueling US Health Care Reform Gridlock

It truly scares me how many US citizens don’t understand the fundamental lies about health insurance that are being spread by elected officials and ideologically blind pundits. They are currently putty in the hands of lobbyists, and you’re being manipulated by their toxic propaganda too.

Movie Review — Kit Kittredge, An American Girl Starring Abigail Breslin

Refreshingly talented child actress Abigail Breslin plays Kit Kittredge in this ultimately feel-good tear-jerker (if you truly allow yourself to get into it). A tale about the Great Depression on the surface, this movie is actually an allegory about the economic and political meltdown we’re in the midst of today.

Movie Review — Flash of Genius Starring Greg Kinnear

Based on a true story Flash of Genius looks on the surface like it is about how corporate lies and greed destroy innovative individuals and their families. In fact, the movie’s trailer claims that we’ll be “rooting for Greg Kinnear’s character all the way” (he does a wonderful job). I didn’t. Not entirely, at least. Instead, I believe the trailer comment missed the most important point Flash of Genius makes.