Profile in Integrity — Senator Ted Kennedy

On my Integrity Talk Radio show this past week I made the following comments as a tribute to the late Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy:

How to Become a Great Fact-Checker… Fast!

The Integrity Warrior’s Guide to Becoming a Great Fact-Checker… Fast!

You and I are being treated by too many people in politics and the media as though we’re too stupid to develop an intelligent opinion unless we are spoon-fed predigested interpretations while being misled into believing these to be facts. This issue may well have become the biggest societal integrity deficit of our time.

On Integrity Talk Radio Thursday 27 August 2009

Integrity Talk Radio

The Dysfunctional Dynamic Crippling the United States

A profoundly dysfunctional dynamic has been in the process of crippling our country during this first decade of the 21st century. And it is only gaining momentum in the world of politics, talk radio and internet blogs. This IntegrityWatch Blog post reveals the seven ingredient formula being used by unscrupulous ideologues from across the political and faith spectrums to manipulate you into supporting them and their ideology… while believing you are standing up for your own best interests and for what’s best for our society.

Change Your Diet…Eat for Life

Did you know that by simply changing your diet and lifestyle you can create radical changes:

•in your health,

•the health of your arteries,

•the quality of your life and…

•develop more confidence to become the master of your well-being?

On "Granny Killing," Euthanasia, the Right to Life & the Right to An Afterlife

According to Ceci Kennedy of the Washington Post, "a campaign on conservative talk radio, fueled by President Obama’s calls to control exorbitant medical bills, has sparked fear among senior citizens that the health-care bill moving through Congress will lead to end-of-life ‘rationing’ and even ‘euthanasia.’"