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American Society of Nutrition Receives Integrity Disgrace Award

Integrity Disgrace Award

Is the processed food industry the tobacco industry of the 21st century? The following example is as integrity-less as the lies the tobacco industry perpetrated about cigarettes being safe.

Froot Loops is a processed breakfast cereal made of 41% sugar, partially-hydrogenated oils and artificial coloring and chemicals. Nonetheless, you’ll find a "Smart Choice" seal of approval on boxes of Froot Loops™ cereal.

Women Worldwide Are Increasingly Unhappy

Arianna Huffington reported today about a disturbing increase in unhappiness among women:

Based on Racism? Not Even Close!

So, here’s the vitriolic word of the day: Everyone who speaks up against Obama, his policies, or his allies, is a white racist and everyone who speaks up in favor of Obama, his policies, or his allies, is a black racist. Even Jimmy Carter weighed in to accuse Rep. Joe Wilson of racial overtones in having interrupted Obama’s health care reform address before Congress with "You lie!"

Uncivility is a Symptom Not a Cause

Over the course of only a handful of days…

The Sick Recipe Responsible for Today's Crazy Public Discourse

Today’s public discourse is arguably the weirdest and craziest it’s been since the left-leaning radicalism of the 1960s and the right-leaning radicalism during 1950s McCarthy era that helped spawn the equal but opposite radicalism of the 1960s.

3 Guidelines for Successful Analysis & Problem-Solving…

…in Politics, in Society, at Work, and in Your Personal Life

People learn, grow, and create better solutions through combining contrasting perspectives. When differing perspectives instead cause us to vilify one another, all we succeed at doing is destroying our society and ourselves.

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Personal Effectiveness Promotes Happiness and Laughter

How happy are you? Can you write down five things that make you happy each evening before you go to sleep? What activities provide you with meaning and pleasure? Are you doing them or maybe still looking? Personal effectiveness can promote happiness and laughter  because you are participating in daily activities that provide meaning.

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