The Century of the Self

This four-part BBC (British Broadcasting Company) documentary describes in chilling detail the brilliant mechanisms by which marketers have successfully turned us stupid while making us happy to be that way. This documentary shows precisely how the Hijacking of Happiness, Health, Prosperity, Patriotism, & Problem-Solving occurred. (For more about the manufacturing of consent, go to

Personal Effectiveness in the Workplace = Picture of Who You Are

What you do in your workplace, does it mirror who you are? What kind of picture, of you, do your colleagues see at your workplace?  Can they see your vibrant energy? Can they feel the passion you have for your work? Are they inspired to keep going when the going gets tough? This is being able to set a positive example for your colleagues, something that they can aspire to be and do.

A Particularly Disgusting Version of a Classic Internet Scam

I just received an e-mail that claims to have been written by a U.S. soldier on active duty in Iraq. This new variation on an old internet scam in whihc the perpetrator tells a phony story about suffering from a fatal disease and wanting to leave money to you, or of having discovered your name listed as next of kin in an estate worth huge amounts of money, etc. There are many variations of this "you’ve just won the lottery scam" floating around.

The Three-Headed Monster of Fascism in the United States

We’re focusing on the wrong war. The real war we’re fighting is not in Afghanistan or Iraq. It isn’t against Bin Laden or the Taliban. The real enemy isn’t Iran or North Korea. (Don’t get me wrong – I don’t for a moment pretend that these aren’t major threats, but I’m talking in this IntegrityWatch Blog post about an even bigger threat to the United States than terrorism from abroad.)