Where is Our Next Harry Truman?

Hiding in today’s e-mail avalanche was a touching story about Harry Truman that is particularly relevant to today’s political deterioration. Its author was not identified. But, I loved it so much that, after doing some fact-checking to make sure that it was basically accurate, I wanted to share it with you in its entirety…

How to Lie With Pictures — Propaganda Game Exposed Part 2

A chain e-mail has been circulating that shows the following photo of Obama clasping his hands while everyone else on the dais either is saluting or has their hand over their heart:

Fake Story About Why Obama Doesn't Have Hand Over Heart

The ManKind Project – Dr. Gruder's Favorite Resource for Men

How I Finally Hit Bottom as a Man

It was 2002. My first wife had ended a marriage I had been certain would last a lifetime. Even though we both had unintentionally co-created its demise, I felt like a complete emotional train wreck. I had lost all connection with my mojo. My life mission had become so blurry that I felt legally blind emotionally — I could not see well enough to drive the road of life.

Personal Effectiveness in the Workplace: Active Doctors Active Patients

Do you have personally effective leaders when it comes to role modeling healthy habits?  Dr. Edward M.

The Fort Hood Killer — Islamic Radical or Sick Psychiatrist?

I am heartbroken over the soliders who were gunned down at Ft. Hood by one of their own. I am disgusted by those who are choosing to spin the actions of one obviously insane man into sweeping statements about all those who cleave to the Islamic faith. If you are among those who are tempted to believe those generalizations, I strongly recommend that you read an interview with another Muslim soldier who is stationed at Fort Hood before you become wedded to such an opinion.

The Propaganda Game Exposed Part 1 — BPA Case Study

As you might imagine, I receive an awful lot of "sign this petition" requests from the left, from the right, from advocacy organizations, and also from concerned individuals who pass these along to me. I received such an e-mail today from someone wanting me to sign a petition to have the FDA ban BPA.

How to Keep Your Balance While Visiting Your Family by Dr. David Gruder

After your last visit with family did you make some vows about how you’ll behave differently with them the next time? Did you maybe even do some inner work since your last family visit so you might be less susceptible to being triggered by the things that seem to happen during your visits?

Well, guess what? No matter how good your intentions, you may still be at risk of abandoning your growth and your best laid plans!

Join the Revolution Against Using Propaganda to Dumb Down the American People

In case you still care, the nonpartisan fact checking website PolitiFact has published its analysis of the Republican response to the current version of the health insurance reform legislation being considered in the House of Representatives. Read this piece and then watch the talking heads repeat half-truths and falsehoods over and over because they believe the American public is so stupid that a lie spoken often enough will be perceived as true.

Did Dick Armey Get It Wrong?

Former House majority leader Dick Armey said in September 2009: “Europe is governed by a concern for the well-being of the collective. That’s what they care about. What makes us different is we begin with the liberty of the individual. We got it right, and they got it wrong.”

Seven Tips for Planning a Fulfilling Holiday Experience by Dr David Gruder

Holidays can activate powerful emotional charges, calling forth as much distress as joy. These “emotional charges” may be connected with past memories or with wishes you have in the present for yourself, and those you love. This article reveals practical strategies for creating a more fulfilling and less stressful holiday experience, no matter which holiday it happens to be: religious or cultural, or personal celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries of all kinds.