Can Business Succeed by Doing What's Right?

  • Nice guys don’t finish last–they finish first
  • Being a Green, eco-friendly business is *more* profitable
  • Customers, suppliers, and even competitors can do a whole lot of your marketing for you

Do you believe in your heart that successful businesses can be Green and ethical? I certainly do! And part of the reason is a colleague of mine who I’ve mentioned before: Shel Horowitz. For years, Shel has been cheerfully spreading "heresies" like the three ideas above.

Who is Allowed to Use the Word "Allah?"

I was just sent a link to a news story that was picked up by the Associated Press on a legal ruling about who is and isn’t allowed to use the word "Allah" in Malaysia.

Here’s the original story (the AP version has been picked up by Fox News & Huffington Post but curiously no other national US news outlets as of my writing this):

Why Americans' Job Satisfaction Has Fallen to a Record Low

A new study reveals that employee dissatisfaction has been on the rise for the past two decades, and the erosion cuts across all job aspects. Some economists are warning that this job discontent could hurt U.S. innovation and productivity. I propose that these problems reflect how our formulas for happiness, health, prosperity, loyalty and problem-solving have been hijacked during the past two decades.

Is it time for you to upgrade your job satisfaction and life happiness? If so, do these three things:

The Speed of Forgetting — Gruder's Law of Political & Social Amnesia

You may be aware that the speed at which human knowledge doubles has been getting faster and faster. Not that terribly long ago it took hundreds of years for our humanity’s collective knowledge to double. In most of our lifetimes the doubling rate has been estimated to hav gone from every 20 years to ever 10 to every 5. And today the doubling rate is perhaps even faster than that.

How Important Are Your Own Adult Stem Cells? Watch This Video

This brief video dramatically illustrates how important our own adult stem cells are, and why I have come to believe that Stem Cell Health is one of the next huge waves in illness prevention, optimal health and health restoration. (Requires Flash)

You can learn more about Stem Cell Health at

Register Now for 12th International Energy Psychology Conference!

SSan Diego Bay with Coronado Bay Bridge in foreground and San Diego in backgroundign up before May 15th to get the lowest price still available for ACEP’s 12th International Energy Psychology Conference! This is a special conference for me because ACEP is the international nonprofit organization I co-founded and for which I served as the founding president.

A Better Approach to New Year's Resolutions

Why Don’t Resolutions Work?
The Four Secrets to Successful Resolutions
The Change Sequence
Mastering the Art of Change
Take Charge of Your Happiness: A Special Private Offer


The Most Pivotal Decade in the Last 100 Years & the Four New Years Resolutions That Matter Most

More is about to change in the new decade than in the past 100, or perhaps 2000, years. This is the decade during which your personal wellbeing and social responsibility will become one and the same. On a scale that has never before happened in the history of humanity.

Are you ready to thrive in this new world or will you become a casualty during the new decade?

Here are the four most important things you can do for yourself and us all in the new year and the new decade: