A Solvent Worth Knowing About

This post is about WD-40. Let me start off by saying that the following is not an advertisement and I don’t get any financial remuneration for passing along the this information. I simply would like to let you know about a relatively inexpensive solvent that I have been using for years, partly because it seems to be safe, partly because it’s cheap, and partly because of its remarkably wide range of uses.

What is Inciting Violence Threats and Actions

In the wake of the passage of the U.S. health insurance reform bill this week, a new wave of violence threats and actions have erupted here in the States. Republican House Minority Leader, John Boehner rightly said that "Violence and threats are unacceptable. That’s not the American way."

The Unsustainability of Equal But Opposite Falseness

"Anything false always brings an equally false countermeasure." ~ From a Pathwork® lecture

Is not this equal-but-opposite falseness exactly what is being perpetrated on us each and every day by ideological extremists in politics, religion, business, marketing, the economy and the media?

Is this not the essence of most political campaigns? Of most attempts at legislation? Of most marketing campaigns?

Getting Things Done

I’m not proud of it but I confess to having gone back and forth all my life between rebelling against my to-do list and feeling like a slave to it. The only thing that has saved my bacon is my ability to quickly generate high quality material when I’m under the gun. Granted, I’ve been prolific in my life, but I used to be prolific at the expense of my own wellbeing, life balance and time with loved ones.

A Real Life Example of Responding with "Everyday Integrity" to an Absence of It

Below is a story from an e-newsletter my wife and I receive from a restaurant where we enjoy eating breakfast. It’s a completely unpretentious place with consistently delicious food and a delightful serving staff, located right across from the ocean here in San Diego. The article is about the manager’s exasperation over an incident that recently occurred at the restaurant. As you’re about to read, she describes how she and her staff handled an utter absence of everyday integrity on the part of a couple of restaurant patrons.