Donna Eden Public Event in San Diego Wednesday Night July 14, 2010!

If you’ve been to my website or received my IntegriTips Bulletins for awhile you know that I almost never publicize other people’s events on my website unless I am part of them. In this case I’m making a very rare exception.

If you’re in the San Diego area I want you to know that my precious friend and colleague, the effusive and immensely talented Donna Eden, will be presenting an "Introduction to Energy Medicine" mini-workshop in San Diego this coming Wednesday night, July 14, from 7 to 10 p.m.

A New Version of "Having It All" That's Actually Not So New

I believe we are now coming full circle back to the sensibilities that were emerging in the 1960s, despite or perhaps partly because of the radicalism of that era.

We are daring to believe once again in a more sustainable version of "having it all:" being truly authentic as individuals, creating durable and nourishing connections with others, and having a positive impact in our spheres of influence.

Independence Day Reflections

On this Independence Day in the United States, I invite you to join me in reflecting not only on what political and personal freedom mean to you, but also on what limiting beliefs and habits it’s time for you to declare your independence from.

Spinbusting Tip

Spinbusting Reminder: If a complete set of facts make a compelling case on their own WITHOUT omitting facts, embellishing them or spinning them to make a point, it’s likely that the position is sound. But, the more one needs to omit, embellish, or spin facts to make a case, the more likely it is that the position being pushed is faulty.