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This remarkable event includes…

Remembering 911 on Its 10th Anniversary

May we all take a moment on this 10 year anniversary of 911 to gratefully contemplate the blessings of individual freedom as we also consider how interconnected and interdependent we are as well. Let us also join together in an intention to become free of the ravages of Fanaticism Disorder and the overt and covert forms of terrorism it tends to spawn. For more, about this, read the Declaration of Global Responsibility that I wrote in tribute to the profound impact that being in the New York area (where i grew up) on 911 had on me:

Navigating the Final Stage of Life With Dignity Grace and Love

In this deeply personal and revealing episode of Mind Brain Body radio, periodic guest co-host, psychologist Dr. David Gruder, discusses with Dr. Michael Kell his mother’s extraordinary end-of-life journey. He shares in intimate detail how his mother took responsibility for each stage of her aging and dying process, from moving into an independent living community to later shifting into assisted living, and ultimately deciding the time had come to receive hospice care.