Put Your Social Anger to Good Use

Looking for ways to deal with angry people in an angry culture? You’ve definitely got to tune in as Hugh Ballou interviews Dr. David Gruder on this important topic. Click to register & get the link. Tune in live or via the replay link.


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Reconciliation Roadmap™ Webinar Registration

Turn Differing Perspectives into Superior Solutions in 5 Powerful Steps [If you already know you want to register to view the replay, click here to bypass the details below.] You already know we need far better alternatives to: Political polarization Hurling insults and disrespect at each other Feeding animosity that perpetuates gridlock Being overly PC (politically “correct”) Compromising Feeling powerless …

Gruder Goings On – August 2018 Edition

My intention is to make these updates available to you each month from now on. I’ll be updating you with announcements, opportunities to benefit from what I provide, and resources others offer that I’m enthusiastic about. I’m excited about everything I’m sharing with you this month, and I look forward to hearing from you. IMPORTANT: While I can almost always …

Dr G at CEO Space 718: Money Mindset Makeover Class & More

For more, visit https://davidgruder.kartra.com/page/ceospace718 What stands between you and your dreams is not funding or branding or marketing or sales or customer service… even though all of these of course matter. What stands between you and your dreams is not even the right advisors, executives, implementers, distributors, visibility providers, and so forth… even though all of these matter too. What stands between you …

On Group Hatred, Individual Character Assassination, Societal Dysfunction, & Freesponsibility

In today’s world, spouting forms of hatred toward most groups is no longer viewed as acceptable. Yet vilifying political groups that aren’t our own is somehow still viewed as OK. Saying hateful things about individuals and assassinating their character when we don’t agree with their positions or tactics also still seems to be considered OK. Roseanne Barr says vile things about Valerie …

Dr. Gruder Presents at Energy Psychology Conference Canada — Enroll Now for Best Rates

Details & Enroll: www.epcCanada.ca

World Premiere: Money Shadow Mastery with Gruder & Broniec

Everything you know about money is (probably) wrong. Watch this 40 second video. Then get the details: www.DrGruder.com/moneyshadow618 Share to spread the word.

Dr G at CEO Space 318: Money Makeovers, Business BlindSpotting™ & Enterprise Success Psychology

On your left is where you are now… …On your right are your dreams… …And in the middle is what’s between you and your dreams as an entrepreneur, a leader, an executive, a helping professional, or a service provider. What stands between you and your dreams is not funding or branding or marketing or sales or customer service… even though all …

HURRY: ACEP 2018 Price Discount Ends January 29: Save Up to $470!

If you’re a helping professional, make 2018 the year that you experience the magic & energy that fills an ACEP Energy Psychology Conference. Dr. Gail Gillespie puts into words precisely what I and ACEP my co-founder envisioned when we began this 20 years ago: “I wouldn’t even call it a conference. It’s an enlivening, soul-enriching, mind-eploding experience. Every. Single. Year.” We’re talking …