Gruder Goings On – August 2018 Edition

My intention is to make these updates available to you each month from now on. I’ll be updating you with announcements, opportunities to benefit from what I provide, and resources others offer that I’m enthusiastic about. I’m excited about everything I’m sharing with you this month, and I look forward to hearing from you. IMPORTANT: While I can almost always …

Dr. Gruder Presents at Energy Psychology Conference Canada — Enroll Now for Best Rates

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The 2019 Update of “The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World” is now “The Integrity Guide to Having It All: How to Put Your Genius Where Your Dreams Are”

Self-Centered Self-Improvement is Dead. Long Live Self-Development That Serves Us All™! ACCESS THE 2019 EDITION OF THIS MATERIAL NOW! Do you wonder how integrity, happiness, personal freedom, and social responsibility got divorced? Are you appalled by the vast damage this divorce has created… in us as individuals and in us as a society? Do you want access to an integrated …

Energy Psychology: What It is, What It’s For, How It Works

What is Energy Psychology? “All of life is electrical,” according to Nobel Prize winner (Chemistry, 1993) Rod MacKinnon, a biophysicist at Rockefeller University and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator. Energy Psychology is a family of breakthrough integrative wellness tools that combine time-honored methods from Traditional Chinese Medicine (as well as from India) with mainstream psychological principles to produce remarkable results. Commonly …

Anger Mountain Diagram

The 4 Shades of Anger & Why Anger Management Doesn’t Help

Today’s anger-poisoned society makes it more important than ever to upgrade our anger literacy & effectiveness. Here’s what you need to know.