Gruder Goings On – August 2018 Edition

My intention is to make these updates available to you each month from now on. I’ll be updating you with announcements, opportunities to benefit from what I provide, and resources others offer that I’m enthusiastic about. I’m excited about everything I’m sharing with you this month, and I look forward to hearing from you. IMPORTANT: While I can almost always …

Why is CBD Hemp Oil So Crucial to Health & What is the Most Effective Formulation Available Today?

I’ve held administrative, leadership & training roles in the integrative health field since the mid-1970s. Among other things, I’ve been tracking nutritional supplements ever since then. Never in all these decades have I found a more important nutritional supplement than the one you’re about to learn about in the video below. In the following superbly done educational video, my colleague …

Dr Gruder Provides Company Culture Creation Training & Consults at CEO Space August 2017

Dr. David Gruder will be teaching a class on how to create your High-Collaboration High-Happiness High-Performance Company Culture, at CEO Space’s August 2017 Forum.

Wabi Sabi Entrepreneurship

Don’t get stuck in dismay over your mistakes. Use them to master what you didn’t know you didn’t know.

ManKind Project New Warrior Training Adventure August 9-11 2013 San Diego Area


To Vent or Problem-Solve – That is the Question!

Hilarious brief satire on the mismatch between men’s inclination to problem-solve and women’s inclination to vent in order to feel better:

How Do You See Yourself?

I’m fascinated by the way this brief video illuminates how profound the difference can be between how we see ourselves and how others see us. It dramatically depicts how sometimes others see us more accurately or in more kindly ways than we see ourselves (and sometimes, of course, the reverse). After you view the video, I invite you to also …

Insane Beliefs About Money, Happiness & Integrity

As I see it, we’ve got two main camps today regarding people’s attitudes about money: The vulture profits and indulgence-oriented consumerism camp The anti-profit and anti-affluence camp From my perspective, the first camp is convinced that creating profits requires sacrificing happiness, personal integrity and social responsibility, whereas the second camp is convinced that creating happiness, integrity and social responsibility requires …