The New Years Resolution That Matters Most in 2017

How You & Your Business Are Being Harmed by Our Huge Social & Political Upheavals… Even If You Don’t Know It

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More is about to change in the coming year than in the past 15 years, perhaps longer. Are you stressing about the change that’s happening? Or are you feeling well-equipped to manage these changes, keep your wellbeing strong, and continue succeeding with your goals? In your personal life, your business life, and your community life?

A mold-breaking new US President will soon be sworn into office. Some believe he is a brilliant deal-maker who can finally end our long-standing governmental and diplomatic gridlock. Others believe he is a dangerously divisive tyrannical narcissist.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’re also aware that unparalleled levels of propaganda, cyber-warfare, ideological extremism, and terrorism have combined to create a hyper-polarized social and political climate that would be continuing regardless of who became the next President.

In short, we’re now living in what I call a Perpetual Stress Society.

Here’s the Lowdown

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Why Stress Management Methods Are Not Protecting You From Harm

How are you personally dealing with the huge and escalating societal stress levels that our social upheavals have been feeding? Are you attempting to cope with our Perpetual Stress Society by counting on the new President to make the changes you would like to see, or by trying to help him fail, or by adopting a wait-and-see attitude, or by battening down your hatches for a storm you feel you have no control over, and praying that you somehow will endure it?

It doesn’t matter which answer you chose. All of those options are stress management coping attempts. They are being used for this purpose by massive numbers of people across the entire political and religious spectrum.

Most of us don’t realize what really creates our chosen stress response: it’s the hyper-emotional non-rational part of our brain whose job is to take control of us when it decides we are in an extreme stress situation.

This part of our brain (our limbic system, also nicknamed our “reptile brain”) is capable of only four responses:

  1. Fight fire with a bigger fire (“fight”)
  2. Run as far away as possible (“flee”)
  3. Become paralyzed like a deer in the headlights (“freeze”)
  4. Play possum in the hope that the danger will pass if we hold our breath and lie still for long enough (“faint”).

Some call this Amygdala Hijackings. I call them Reptile Brain Takeovers. Either way, how do Reptile Brain Takeovers occur? Chemically, that’s how. When we allow ourselves to become over-stressed, our body reacts by releasing “emergency response hormones” (adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol). Most people don’t realize that these chemicals biologically turn off the spiritual and thinking part of our brain and hyper-mobilize the reptile-reactivity part of our brain.

How to Stop Being Harmed by Reptile Brain Takeovers

How stress-intelligent are you? The real answer depends on your relationship with your reptile brain. For instance:

  1. How aware are you when an inner coup by your reptile brain replaces your inner sovereign with animalistic reactions by temporarily wiping out your ability to utilize your higher wisdom and your rational mind?
  2. How good are you at preventing this kind of inner takeover from occurring in the first place?
  3. How skilled are you at managing your reptile brain when it does temporarily take your power away from your higher wisdom and rational mind, so your animalistic reactions do as little damage as possible, and so you successfully return to your inner throne as quickly as possible?
  4. How effective are you at preventing yourself from gradually falling into a chronic state of over-stress that causes you to live your life from our animal brain more and more of the time, and in more and more situations in which your reptile brain does lasting damage instead of truly protecting you?

If you’re like most people, you have limited mastery in:

  • Preventing Reptile Brain Takeovers in yourself and others
  • Recognizing when a Reptile Brain Takeover has occurred despite your best prevention efforts
  • Minimizing a Reptile Brain Takeover’s damage
  • Restoring effectiveness in yourself and others after a Reptile Brain Takeover has ended

The Prices That Reptile Brain Takeovers are Costing You at Home, at Work & In Your Communities

This is important: Chronic stress and anxiety lock down not only our capacity to be loving and have positive impact, but also our capacity to generate abundance.

What prices are you paying, at home and at work, because you have one or more of these limitations in dealing with Reptile Brain Takeover? What results would you be enjoying instead if you were no longer paying these prices?

And what if you are a leader — an executive, an entrepreneur, an elected or appointed government official, or a change catalyst (including helping professionals like therapists and coaches)? Many if not most of your people almost surely have limited mastery in these areas too.

  • What prices are they paying at home because of these limitations?
  • What prices is your enterprise paying because of their limitations?
  • What results would they and your enterprise be enjoying if they had better stress mastery skills?

With all of this in mind, ask yourself, “How authentically ready am I (and my spouse, family, leader team, employees, co-workers, etc.) to thrive in today’s Perpetual Stress Society?”

And if you are a leader or catalyze others, also ask yourself, “How equipped are my people to thrive in their roles and at home, given our Perpetual Stress Society?”

You and the people around you are most likely at grave risk of becoming stress casualties this year. How high a price are you willing to pay, personally and in your enterprise, because you and many of your people lack the needed remedies?

What Most Stress Management Programs Don’t Teach You

Here’s the problem: most stress management methods are BS, just as are most anger management methods.

Why? These methods generally attempt to manage a never-ending stress symptoms parade (often with limited success). Mindfulness and meditation methods can only take people so far. Why? Because as wonderful as these tools are, they don’t fully empower people to prevent or resolve what’s causing the stress symptoms parade.

I’ve got news for you that’s bound to threaten many stress and anger management program providers: what they don’t know is hurting you.

(NOTE: I am confident that if the stress and anger management program providers who authentically value business ethics knew skills they could teach to people that could resolve those causes, they would already be providing these. Since most aren’t, I think it’s safe to assume that they don’t know how to do this. That’s what I mean when I say what they don’t know is hurting you.)

The 2017 Development
Goal That Matters Most

If typical stress (and anger) management methods are not the solution, what is? Power Management Methods™, that’s what.

Why? Mostly people get stressed and angry when they feel like they have little to no impact… on their quality of life, in improving their cherished relationships, in their business success, in their communities’ wellbeing, in forwarding their causes, and/or in restoring sanity to society.

Power Management Methods™ that make a meaningful and lasting difference go far beyond good intentions, mindset, and mindfulness.
These methods:

  • Focus far more on the highly valuable results that come from upleveling skills, procedures, and accountability
  • Protect you, your people, and your enterprise from reptile brain takeovers, they uplevel effective ethical power in you and your people, and they make it far more possible to bring about your highest intentions at work, at home, and in your communities.

How? Power Management Methods™ enable you to become the Sovereign of Yourself & to uplevel your Impact Effectiveness.

The results that Power Management Methods™ provide include:

  1. Getting the upper hand on your reptile brain
  2. Taking better charge of compassionately enacting your personal boundaries, even when you don’t have other people’s cooperation
  3. More effectively creating mutually beneficial agreements
  4. Repairing problems that arise in implementing those agreements so collaboration increases… instead of resentment building, conflict escalating, and agreements not being successfully completed.

Uplevel Your Power Management Skills

...In As Little As 6 Weeks

No matter what New Years resolution you make or 2017 goal you set, it seems inevitable that your success will depend hugely on how effectively you:

  1. Immunize yourself from the profoundly damaging effects of our Perpetual Stress Society
  2. Uplevel your personal power instead of remaining trapped in power tyranny, power rebellion, or false helplessness.

If these forms of effectiveness are important to you, investing in Power Management Essentials™ might just be your most valuable success key for 2017.

2 Power Focuses

  • Internal Control Power

    Become the Sovereign of Yourself in ways that draw to you the people you most want
    (see “2 Inner Power Modules” section below for details)

  • External Influence Power

    Uplevel Your Impact Effectiveness in ethical ways that boost productive collaboration
    (see “4 Outer Power Modules” section below for details)

2 Inner Power Modules

  • 1) Emotional Self-Management Mastery

    Get the upper hand on your reptile brain in ways that go far beyond typical stress & anger management methods

  • 2) Core Intentions Mastery

    The least known yet most most effective key to keeping your power in your hands no matter what the other person does

4 Outer Power Modules

  • 1) Boundaries Power Principles

    Harness the human dynamics secrets that give you the power to avoid becoming trapped in trying to get other people to change or collaborate in ways they aren’t open to doing

  • 2) Enacting Your Boundaries

    Discover how to select & implement the optimal intensity level to implement your boundaries in any situation

  • 3) Creating Accountability-Capable Agreements

    Stop being seduced by good intentions that never come to pass and thereby damage trust

  • 4) Repairing Agreement Breakdowns

    My road tested step-by-step procedure that turns implementation breakdowns into collaboration builders instead of resentment escalators

Your Investment


Complete each of the 6 modules at your own pace.

Plan to devote at least 2-3 hours per module.

Each module includes training videos, an Action Guide to use in your life, and opportunities to ask questions.

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The more committed you are to practicing what you learn at home, at work, in your communities, and in your volunteer activities, the more fruitful your results are likely to be.

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I am providing this to you as a loyal follower for US$290 (a mere $48 per module).

As a frame of reference, I’ve been told I should be charging US$1000 for this program and $3000 when providing this program through one-on-one mentoring.

Share This Post. If You Get 3 People to Enroll, I'll Refund Your Tuition!

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