What is a T-MacroMentor™ Versus a Specialty Mentor?


Are You All Your Role or Venture Needs You to Be?

Ron felt like a kid in a candy shop during his first CEO Space Free Enterprise Forum (CEO Space International is one of the world’s oldest and largest entrepreneurial development organizations). He was excited by the extraordinary array of business development resources and contacts who were suddenly available to him through his membership. And yes, he also felt somewhat overwhelmed by having discovered that there is a lot more to successful entrepreneurship than he had imagined.

The combination of Ron’s excitement, confusion, urgency, and not seeking sufficient mentoring, resulted in his making four decisions that ended up costing him an awful lot of wasted time, energy and money:

  1. Resource Sequencing Errors: He engaged resources before he could utilize them to maximum benefit, and for a higher cost than was appropriate for his project’s current stage of development (he knew about the importance of taking the right steps in the right sequence but he wasn’t clear about best practices in making these decisions)
  2. Vetting Errors: He agreed to receive those resources from the first provider who most persuasively convinced him that he really needed them instead of interviewing three or more using appropriate vetting criteria (a well-intended fellow who himself inadequately understood of the stages of entrepreneurial project development despite having the subject matter expertise that Ron thought he needed next)
  3. Work Agreement Errors: He started paying that person before they both signed an accountability-capable work agreement that had been reviewed by an agreements expert and an attorney (he believed he could trust the person without this since they both believed in how important it is to be collaborative)
  4. Accountability Errors: The resource he engaged did not follow through with his commitments and Ron was at a loss as to how to hold the fellow accountable in order to receive what he had paid for (he didn’t realize how much he didn’t know about effective accountability mechanisms)

Ron was not yet all of who his venture needed him to be for it to succeed. His best thinking caused him to pay this resource the last $15,000 he had available to take his project its next step forward. This mistake meant he got next to nothing from his investment while also losing six precious months of project development time in the process. This happened because he didn’t have sufficient access to a macro (big picture) perspective to make his wisest possible decisions about how to proceed.

Ron would not have made this costly mistake if his first expenditure as an entrepreneur, businessperson, nonprofit founder or leader had been retaining a MacroMentor™ to help him know what he didn’t know, identify and hone skills he needed to upgrade, and keep his feet to the fire so that he could become who his project needed him to be for it to succeed. [MacroMentoring™ is different from Macro Strategic Planning®, which was developed by Dr. Gruder’s colleague, Bruce Wright, and which Dr. Gruder enthusiastically recommends. You’ll find a description of that difference at the end of this page, as well as a link to Mr. Wright’s material.]

Entrepreneur MacroMentoring™ helps you develop the mindset, sequencing savvy, and skills to become who your venture needs you to be for it to succeed… without sacrificing personal integrity or social responsibility.

Becoming an entrepreneur, businessperson, nonprofit founder, or leader, without a MacroMentor™ is like learning to fly the trapeze without a net and a trainer. That’s why your first and perhaps most important expenditure should be on a MacroMentor™. And, while it’s true that no matter how experienced you are or what your enterprise’s current stage of development is, the less experienced you are the more vital this is, and the earlier in its development your venture is the more important this is.

The more ambitious your goals, the more experts and resources you’ll need in addition to yourself. Each one of these will understandably tend to advise you from the perspective of their own expertise area not the big picture. In contrast, a MacroMentor™ can help you integrate their input so you can make decisions based on the big picture. Doing this can reduce your confusion and minimize costly mistakes, while maximizing your capacity to turn your enthusiasm into success. Think of a MacroMentor™ as your own hand-selected “docent” whose role is to help you stay on track through each of the developmental phases in building your for-profit or nonprofit as efficiently, rapidly, and inexpensively as possible.

A MacroMentor™ helps you to:

  1. Clarify Your Master Plan: Develop your customized success road map based on your core values and ultimate goals, identify your project’s current stage of development, get clear about what most needs to be focused on during that stage, and select your highest leverage steps for moving forward as efficiently, cost-effectively and rapidly as possible
  2. Establish Effective Work Agreements With the Right Resources at the Right Time: Identify, interview, select, and create accountability-capable work agreements with, the best-matched resources to succeed in each development stage
  3. Become Who Your Venture Needs YOU to Be for It to Succeed: Pinpoint, and make rapid progress in developing, the skills your project most needs YOU to develop or upgrade in each stage of its development so you can effectively steward your project’s success
  4. Hold Your Feet to the Fire: Utilize a gifted sounding board and creative problem-solver who will hold you accountable for consistently and successfully following through on your commitments

Five Reasons to Select Dr. Gruder as Your Entrepreneur MacroMentor™

  1. You access the wisdom of an extensively seasoned leadership mentor, skills trainer, and organizational development consultant: Dr. Gruder has filled a variety of mentoring, training and consulting roles for thousands of people and scores of organizations since the late 1970s. Currently serving as CEO Space’s Special Counsel to the Chairman & Board, his responsibilities also include upgrading the effectiveness of the home office team, the Forum production staff, Club Presidents, and the Faculty.
  2. You benefit from the successes and mistakes of someone who has built his own successful for-profit and nonprofit enterprises: Dr. Gruder founded Willingness Works® in 1988 (now exited) and Integrity Revolution™ in 2008, and he co-founded and was the first president of the international nonprofit Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology in 1999.
  3. You utilize someone who is as accomplished at big-picture thinking as small detail implementation: Dr. Gruder has a rare blend of being a visionary thought leader while simultaneously being able to identify the smallest details that need to be attended to in converting vision into action and action into success.
  4. You are mentored by an expert in Integrity Management & Collaboration Culture Architecture™: Dr. Gruder is considered to be one of the world’s leading experts in converting integrity from a cherished value into specific collaboration skills and processes that make integrity profitable, including selecting the most integrious resources, developing accountability-capable agreements, facilitating high performance collaboration, and implementing effective accountability mechanisms. [If you already have a MacroMentor™ but that person’s expertise doesn’t include Integrity Management & Collaboration Culture Architecture™, he is happy to explore with you and your MacroMentor™ the potential benefits of adding him to your team in this more limited capacity.]
  5. You have a leading Business Development Psychologist at your fingertips: Far too often, leaders and their teams unintentionally build ventures at the level of their psychological limitations instead of their entrepreneurial intentions. Dr. Gruder founded the field of Venture Development Psychology, which studies the psychological factors related to business success and converts those factors into practical skills and mechanics that enable leaders and their teams to become who the business needs them to be in order for it to succeed. He does this by blending his decades of experience as a clinical psychologist helping people remove their success blocks and upgrade their emotional intelligence, collaboration intelligence and wellbeing intelligence, with his decades of experience as an organizational development psychologist helping leaders and teams function at peak effectiveness on behalf of the enterprise’s sustainable success.

MacroMentoring™ can be extremely valuable for any entrepreneur, business person, nonprofit founder, or leader, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you might currently be, and regardless of whether your enterprise is in the conception stage, the exit stage, or anywhere in between. To read a brief white paper from Dr. Gruder about why entrepreneurs succeed and fail, click on this link: Why Entrepreneurs Succeed and Fail (opens a downloadable PDF).

How to Engage Dr. Gruder as Your Entrepreneur MacroMentor™

Selecting an Entrepreneur MacroMentor™ is one of the most important business commitments you’ll make. Dr. Gruder has created an exclusive roadmap for doing this that he’ll be glad to review with you during a free Engagement Exploration consultation with him.

Making sure that you and Dr. Gruder are a right match is as important to him as it is to you. Because of this, here is the pathway he designed to help you discover whether it’s right for you to engage him:

  1. Schedule a free Engagement Exploration with Dr. Gruder to discuss your venture and its needs. This will give you a feel for what it would be like to have Dr. Gruder as your T-MacroMentor™.
  2. Interview at least 1-2 additional people with the expertise to be your MacroMentor™, rating each on the basis of their: a) range of MacroMentoring™ competencies; 2) ability to customize their expertise to the needs of your project/business; c) the amount collaboration chemistry you feel with them; and d) their prior track record of satisfaction/accountability in collaborating with others in various capacities. You will find that we each have our own style and strengths. Resist the temptation to ask someone you’re considering to compare themselves with the others. Ethically speaking, each of us should only speak to our own capabilities and approach. If you talk with someone who presumes to tell you about what another does and doesn’t do, that ethical weakness might be reason enough to eliminate them from your candidates list. Similarly, only you can determine whose style and strengths best match your needs, and who you have the best chemistry with. So, if a someone you’re considering tells you what’s good for you instead of assisting you in deciding that for yourself, that too might be sufficient reason to eliminate them from your candidates list. When interviewing MacroMentor™ candidates, also bear in mind that one or more of these individuals might at some point become valuable team members even if they don’t fill your MacroMentor™ role.
  3. If after completing this due diligence process, you and Dr. Gruder agree to start along his MacroMentoring™ pathway, he’ll send you his MacroMentoring™ Agreement for you to review and ask questions about as needed.
  4. If it’s a “go,” you and he will sign that agreement and formally get moving.

Get this process started right now by scheduling your free Engagement Exploration consultation with Dr. Gruder: Click Here.

[NOTE: Entrepreneur MacroMentoring™ is different from Macro Strategic Planning®, which is a registered trademark of Bruce Raymond Wright. Mr. Wright is a valued colleague and collaborator with Dr. Gruder, who enthusiastically recommends him. Mr. Wright’s approach largely focuses on aligning wealth building and management with personal values and business goals. Dr. Gruder’s Entrepreneur MacroMentoring focuses on helping entrepreneurs and their teams develop the mindset, sequencing savvy, and skills to become who their venture needs them to be for it to succeed, without sacrificing personal integrity or social responsibility. For more about Mr. Wright’s Macro Strategic Planning® approach, Dr. Gruder encourages you to visit www.MacroStrategicDesign.com. Dr. Gruder was the Psychology Editor for Mr. Wright’s book Transcendent Thought & Market Leadership.]