For ACEP Paradigm Mastery™ Learning Lab Attendees

Here Are Your Goodies for Having Attended My ACEP Presentation

David Gruder here. I’m delighted you got so much from my ACEP presentation on how to liberate your clients (and yourself) from self-defeating WorldViews & SelfViews that you decided to come to this Next Step page for more.


What’s Here

Your download links are below PLUS details about the upcoming Paradigm Sculpting MasteryMind™.

  • Presentation Slides
  • Updated Action Guide
  • Your Next Step
Your Slides & Action Guide PDFs

Your Next Step:
The Paradigm Sculpting MasteryMind™

Why Enroll?

  • As a Helping Professional or Lightwork Leader™

    We can facilitate others only to the extent of our own Paradigm Mastery™. Need I say more?

  • As a Self-Developer

    Group masterminds provide huge value in general, and in accelerating Paradigm Mastery™ in specific, because of their “borrowing benefits” ingredients (listed below).

  • Benefit #1

    Discover hidden aspects of your Limiting Paradigm, and the Undigested/Insufficiently Digested Life Experiences… by hearing others describe aspects of theirs

  • Benefit #2

    Discover PRs you didn’t know have been blocking you from fully embodying your Aspirational Paradigm… by hearing others describe theirs

  • Benefit #3

    Deepen your clarity about how to effectively use the 4-step Paradigm Mastery™ procedure with yourself and with clients… by hearing the answers to questions others have about mastering this procedure

  • Benefit #4

    Elevating your Paradigm Mastery™ in “community” can help you feel like needing this mastery is part of being human… instead of feeling isolated and damaged because of conflicts between your Limiting Paradigm and Aspirational Paradigm

5 MasteryMind™ Sessions

  • Session Length: Each session will last between 60-90 minutes, depending on how sharing and Q&A unfold.

  • Session #1: Flesh out your Limiting / Shadow & Aspirational / Golden Paradigm Elements & your Paradigm Conflict Symptoms.
  • Session #2: Uplevel your effectiveness at lifting the spell of your Limiting / Shadow Paradigm, including unmasking your version of the Survival Plan script that births our Shadow Paradigm & keeps it locked in place as adults.
  • Session #3: Share your experience with sculpting upgrades to your Aspirational / Golden Paradigm as a result of clearing your PRs, and the wording of your Paradigm Self-Responsibility Covenant.

  • Session #4: Share what you are doing on a daily basis that is helping you remain remain alert to your Paradigm Conflict Symptoms and more consistently living from your Aspirational / Golden Paradigm.

  • Session #5: Q&A about facilitating Paradigm Mastery with clients.

MasteryMind™ Logistics/FAQ

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