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Facilitating Socially Responsible Self-Development & Self-Actualization in Those You Serve

  • This Online Training Program Is For You If…
    • You are a psychospiritually-oriented helping professional, coach, educator, clergy, and/or impact organization director
    • You want to help the people they serve outgrow Learned Helplessness so they thrive regardless of our societal upheavals AND uplevel their ability to make a positive difference as citizens and leaders
    • You seek ways to integrate self-development & citizen social responsibility in those you serve
  • Program Structure
    • 3 modules over 6 weeks
    • Each module lasts 2 weeks
    • Maximum of 12 helping professionals per course
    • Most likely offered only twice a year (so don’t wait)
  • Each Module Includes a Presentation Webinar, Action Guides to complete & a Follow-Up Q&A Webinar
    1. Presentation Webinar on Context, Mindset, and Preparation for Filling in the Module’s Action Guides
    2. Complete That Module’s Action Guides
    3. Follow-Up Q&A Webinar on That Module’s Action Guides (if you can’t make it live, send me you questions so I can answer them during the webinar and you can listen when it’s convenient for you)

What’s Covered in Module 1 (Weeks 1-2):
Locus of Self-Responsibility (LOR) That Elevates Self-Sovereignty

  • Survival vs Thrival:
    • The Ballad of Jack & Diane must end
  • External LOR (Locus of Responsibility):
    • It’s not my fault — they made me [feel/say/act]
  • Animal Internal LOR:
    • It’s Just the Way I Am
    • Reptile Brain Management
    • Shadow Archetypes
  • Elevated Internal LOR:
    • Paradigm Literacy
    • Divine Expression Our Core Archetypes
    • Self-Responsibility Covenant
    • Purpose/Mission
    • Foundational Life Architecture

What’s In Module 2 (Weeks 3-4): Spell Inoculation That Creates a Healthy Locus of Personal Power (LOP) & Positive Impact in Citizens & Leaders

  • Spotting the Spell, Part 1: The Faulty Vs Sustainable Happiness Formula
  • Spotting the Spell, Part 2: Societal Systems Dynamics Clarity
    • Spotting Manufactured Consent
    • Spotting Ideological Subversion
    • Beyond the Karpman Triangle’s Tyrant/Perpetrator, Victim & Rescuer: Projection Magnets, Arrow Throwers, Colluders
  • Spotting the Spell, Part 3: What Are the Real Sides?
    • “Trying to change things means taking sides.” True, but not the sides most people think. The sides are NOT between Democrats and Republicans. Believing that version of the  “sides” is precisely what has, in recent years, been making solutions impossible.
    • Propagandized Fake Sides Fuel Societal Divisiveness & Political Polarization. Dictating the sides people should be taking is a particularly insidious form of manipulation that serves the special interests who are trying to dictate the sides, but doesn’t serve We the People
    • The ‘Real’ Sides Are Hiding in Plain Sight:
      • Divisiveness/polarization versus discovering common ground
      • Reacting to the perpetual symptom control parade versus creating permanent root cause solutions
      • Getting gridlocked in battles between surface positions versus discovering the noble concerns & intentions beneath those positions so integrated solutions that look like no one’s positions to at last emerge
  • More Compelling Than the Spell
    • Embracing the 5 Great Truths of Thriving Societies
  • What to Do When the 5 Great Truths Are “True But Not Useful” For Someone
    • Heal the baggage because leaders lead & citizens vote at the level of their wounds not their wishes, and this is what makes them propaganda prone as creators and embracers
    • Going Deeper

What’s In Module 3 (Weeks 5-6): A Collaboration Locus of Interaction (LOI) That Creates Solutions That Equally Honor Personal Freedom & the Common Good

  • Take Charge of Your Perspective & Words
    • The Root of Being Manipulated by Fake Facts & Other Spin:
      • Inability to distinguish among description, interpretation and conclusion
      • Negative Perspective — name calling, character assassination, and other tactics that escalate polarization
    • The Foundation That Makes Collaboration Possible
      • Ability to distinguish among description, interpretation and conclusion
      • Positive Perspective — seeing (most) others with different perspectives from yours as well-intended people and groups that are more focused on parts of the problem than you, just as you’re more focused on parts of the problem than them
      • Humility — recognizing that no one person or group sees the entire picture
  • Identify the Core Issues
    • Societal & political “diagnosis before treatment” is malpractice
    • How to recognize posturing, position-taking, and endless symptom management attempts that create problem-solving gridlock
    • How to identify “Noble Concerns & Intentions” instead of getting locked in dysfunctional power struggles created by posturing and position-taking
  • Assemble the Core Intentions Jigsaw Puzzle
    • How to synergize the Noble Concerns & Intentions of all so integrated root cause solutions can emerge
  • Create Integrated Root Cause Solutions
    • How to co-create solutions to the integrated synergized set of Noble Concerns & Intentions that has been generated
    • Tactical implementation of those solutions
  • Accountability Literacy That Builds Intention-Impact Alignment
    • Accountability-Capable Agreements instead of good intentions
    • Dealing with Collaboration Breakdowns in ways that strengthen good will instead of create distrust that reactivates divisiveness, polarization & gridlock
  • Collaboration Covenant

Your Investment

  • Your Time & Energy Commitment
    • Attend the Presentation Webinars and/or listen to the recordings
    • Complete the Action Guides
    • Participate in the Follow-Up Q&A Webinars and/or submit your questions beforehand
  • Your Financial Investment
    • Beta Program (Enrolling Now — limited to first 12 people — Starting November 2019): Your tuition is only $450 — if you did this with Dr. Gruder individually you would be paying $3000 for this mentoring
    • When the Official Launch Occurs: Tuition will most likely be in the $900-$1200 range — still a bargain compared to the $3000 you would be paying Dr. Gruder for his individual mentoring on this… though a whole lot more than the Beta program tuition, so enroll now in the Beta Program!

Interested in Being Part of the Beta Group?

Contact Dr. Gruder right away to express your interest and get the dates. The reason to not delay is because the Beta Group is limited to 12 people and enrollment is on a first-come first-served basis. Here’s how to express your interest:

  1. Go to www.DrGruder.com/meeting (opens new tab)
  2. Click on the “Send me an email” option
  3. Send your message.